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BV Family丨Defan Information has completed the Series A financing to build a new wave of digitalization...

BV Family丨Defan Information has completed the Series A financing to build a new wave of digitalization of "low code + AI" PaaS platform.


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Recently, Defan Information officially announced the completion of a round A financing of tens of millions of RMB. This round of financing was led by Baidu Ventures, followed by Weicun Zhike with Huaxing Alpha serving as the exclusive financial advisor.

This round of financing will be used for R&D and innovation of products and technologies, lay out a new marketing system, accelerate the establishment of a sound ecological cooperation circle, deepen core industry solutions, and quickly realize digital transformation and upgrading for more companies.

Defan Information is positioned as a low-code PaaS platform provider, focusing on the high-productivity PaaS field of enterprise-level software, and is committed to providing one-stop digital solutions for global enterprises with agile applications and data integration.

Defan Information's DeFan Cloud low-code platform DeCode and Application Integration Platform DeFusion, this two core products, focusing on the dual capabilities of "application development" and "integration services" in the low-code field, complement each other to form Defan Information's pioneer in the PaaS field Advantage. It not only meets the needs of business applications to be quickly constructed, but also supports the "unlimited" personalized and differentiated customization capabilities, all of which helps enterprises to quickly realize digital transformation.

At present, Defan Information has served more than 300+ domestic and foreign large-scale head enterprise customers, achieved 1,000+ projects, and realized full industry coverage in the automotive, manufacturing, construction and real estate, medicine, home furnishing, finance, new consumption and other industries with asserting its technical strength and public praise to practice "apply information technology to attribute to customers happiness and success."

According to the latest "2021 China Automobile Industry Vehicle Manufacturers List" released by the China Machinery Industry Federation and the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, there are SAIC, FAW, GAC, BYD, Great Wall, Chery, and JAC, all of which is Defan's customer, among the top fifteen car companies; Also, five of the top ten automakers are Defan's customers as well, occupying more than 50% of the market. Defan has provided these companies with low-code platform DeCode and DeFusion products and services, an application integration platform, occupying half of the automotive industry.

In the past two years, low-code racetracks have fully emerged in the global digital field. The low-code one is dozens of times more efficient than the traditional development model, whose flexible and convenient configuration method offers enterprises with the required high-efficiency and personalized capabilities, effectively reducing the dependence on development and operation and maintenance personnel, and allowing business personnel with the most clear needs to build their own, so as to help them quickly build the "agile capabilities."

In the post-epidemic era, it is needed for companies to apply new platforms and tools to ensure continuous business operations and meet temporary incremental needs in special periods; The cloud-native technologies are disruptively restructuring the market that corporate decision makers recognize that emerging technologies have an impact on realzing the digital transformation of enterprises, making low-code a necessary choice for more and more enterprises to digitize to improve efficiency of businesses and reduce project costs.

As Gartner's predicted, by 2025, 75% of large enterprises will use low-code products with more than 70% of new application construction being completed by low-code.

Advantages and Layout of Defan Information

Defan Information has provided products and services for large and medium-sized enterprises for a long time, which has achieved the unique advantages of Defan Cloud products in the field of personalization of enterprise management software. After this round of financing, Defan Information will launch in-depth cooperation with Baidu AI to greatly strengthen the artificial intelligence and data capabilities of Defan Cloud products. Adding Defan Cloud DeAI, DeHoop and other product modules makes software for enterprise management quipped with more intelligence and data decision-making capabilities, offering a new generation of DePortal, fully integrateing customer terminal interfaces, building enterprise-level DeAppStore, and provides one-stop solutions for 360-degree applications. At the same time, in order to open up the enterprise's industrial Internet capabilities, the upgrade of Defan Cloud's DeFusion suite will further strengthen the capabilities of data interoperability and API connectivity between the upstream and downstream of the industry. Through the comprehensive integration of Defan Cloud series products, it provides enterprises with a complete and efficient integrated intelligent data environment and digital evolution platform in a one-stop manner.

It deeply cultivates China's manufacturing industry and serve China's smart manufacturing strategy:

Defan Information has provided products and services to more than 300 leading companies, and more than 80% are concentrated in the manufacturing industry, especially the automobile manufacturing industry: Great Wall Motor, GAC Group, BYD, JAC, SAIC GM, Chery Automobile, and FAW Jiefang. Many OEMs have chosen Defan Information's products and services to continue to maintain the market and technology leadership of aPaaS in the automotive industry and iPaaS products in market. Next, Defan Information will further strengthen its own advantages, continue to improve its product and technical capabilities in the automotive industry, provide more business application templates in line with the automotive industry, and respond to the call of the country to fully serve China's smart manufacturing strategy.

It deepens industry applications and templates to provide immediate business value to industry customers:

Defan Information provides products and services to many head customers in the pharmaceutical industry, construction and real estate industry, and home furnishing industry, including China Resources Double Crane, China Resources Jiuxin, China Resources Sanjiu, Sinopharm, Baiyang Pharmaceutical, China Construction Eighth Bureau, Country Garden, R&F Properties, Zhongjun Group, TATA Wooden Door, and Quanyou Home Furnishing. Defan Information will continue to provide attribute templates for these core industries, learn from their advanced experience, and transform them into more than one hundred business application templates that can be used out of the box, that is, it only takes 1-2 months to deploy business applications on average. In the future, it will further strengthen the development of industry business application templates, continue to provide business applications that integrate advanced product concepts for different industries, and accelerate the improvement of business digitalization capabilities;

It build an ecosystem together to jointly support customers' success:

Continuing to expand ecological partners, currently, Defan Information have signed with more than 20 partners in different regions and industries. Also, it will further develop product integration partners, regional partners, exclusive industry partners, and conduct a comprehensive cooperation in various fields such as research and development, business, and marketing. Through ecological cooperation, it comprehensively enhances the overall ecological competitiveness to provide customers with more comprehensive and better quality Products and services.

Zhang Tong, founder and CEO of Defan Information, stated:

The Defan Cloud PaaS platform has greatly improved the efficiency of the digitalization of enterprise management software. Through Defan's own PaaS products, it helps customers to achieve a comprehensive upgrade of enterprise software productivity. Many leading industry customers who have cooperated with Defan Information must have had a deep understanding of this. Since its establishment in 2014, Defan Information has insisted on independent innovation, independent research and development, attaching importance to open source systems, creating products that satisfy customers, and always building a customer-centric" product system and service system, so it continues to win the respect and high satisfaction of customers. Through this financing, Defan is allowed to continue to increase investment in independent research and development and ecological construction, continue to maintain Defan's leading edge in the manufacturing PaaS platform, helping China's smart manufacturing in the digital transformation. At the same time, Defan Information will stick to the pragmatic mentality and original intention to go all out to help customers achieve digital strategic goals in a customer-centric way. "

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