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BV Family丨 Ruishun Biotechnology has completed 100 million yuan A round of financing to accelerate the ...

BV Family丨 Ruishun Biotechnology has completed 100 million yuan A round of financing to accelerate the development of spot general-purpose DNT cell drugs.


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Recently, Guangdong Ruishun Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Ruishun Bio" or "Company"), the global leader in spot universal DNT cell drugs, announced the completion of a 137 million yuan A round of financing. This round of financing was led by Fuhui Venture Capital In the investment, China Hengtian, Paradise Silicon Valley, Xiamen Wantong Jin, Kefa Capital and other institutions. At the same time, BV Baidu Ventures joined Ruishun Biotech as a new shareholder and business partner.

This round of funding will be used for the registered clinical trial of Ruishun Bio's world's first universal DNT cell drug RC1012 injection; preclinical research and IND application for CAR-DNT, Gene Editting CAR-DNT, iPSC-CAR-iDNT and other series of product pipelines; The construction of the company headquarters, R&D center and preparation center in Cuiheng New District, Zhongshan City, as well as the expansion of the follow-up project team.

Established in February 2012, Ruishun Bio is a Sino-foreign joint venture biopharmaceutical company focusing on the development of a series of global innovative immune cell drugs for the treatment of blood and solid tumors, which is the pioneer of spot general-purpose DNT immune cell therapy worldwide. The company has an independent innovation DNT immune cell technology platform and a system of cell production preparation, quality control and quality management that meets cGMP standards.

The company has more than 10 domestic and foreign invention patents related to DNT cell technology, and uses the DNT cell platform to graft CART technology, gene editing technology, iPSC technology and other platforms to develop and promote the clinical transformation and commercialization of a new generation of innovative cell drugs with product pipelines covering unmet clinical needs such as hematological tumors and solid tumors.

The company's first core product, RC1012 cell injection (allogeneic DNT cells), is the independent innovation research and development results of the company's chairman Dr. Yang Liming, leading the R&D team for nearly 10 years. This product won the National Medical Products Administration New Drug Clinical Trial in November 2020 Implied permission, and be agreed to start a clinical trial for the treatment of relapsed and refractory acute myeloid leukemia (acceptance number: CXSL2000248), which is the first non-gene-edited allogeneic T cell drug to enter a registered clinical trial in China. The clinical trial is launched currently in Zhejiang University The Department of Hematology of the First Hospital, striving to be recognized as a "breakthrough therapeutic drug" by the Drug Evaluation Center of the National Medical Products Administration in 2022. It is expected to become the world's first marketed spot generic DNT cell drug with independent intellectual property rights. The company's existing product pipeline has already owned 10 R&D products for different blood and solid tumors, whose many products are about to apply for new IND clinical trials.

With the successful completion of the A round of financing, the company's A+ round of financing has officially started.

Dr. Liming Yang, Chairman and Chief Scientific Officer of Ruishun Biotech, expressed:"Thank you very much to all investors and old shareholders for their support to Ruishun Bio. Special thanks to Fuhui Venture Capital, the lead investor in this financing, for providing us The recognition of the DNT cell medicine platform and the successful completion of this financing are a new milestone in the company's development history. The company will increase the introduction of talents, accelerate the process of project research and development, and enrich the product pipeline layout, so as to help Ruishun Bio to build a world-leading spot general-purpose cell medicine enterprise, and lay a more solid foundation for the company's subsequent development. We believe that under the guidance of the current national innovation strategy and the support of strong investors with common ideas and goals, all employees of Ruishun Biology will uphold the mission of 'creating the innovative cell medicine affordable to the common people' with continuing to explore more innovative therapies to save the lives of patients! "

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BV Family丨 Ruishun Biotechnology has completed 100 million yuan A round of financing to accelerate the development of spot general-purpose DNT cell drugs.

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