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BV Family丨Focusing on the Internet of Things SaaS platform services in the commercial concrete indust...

BV Family丨Focusing on the Internet of Things SaaS platform services in the commercial concrete industry, Xinzhiwei has completed an angel round of financing of tens of millions of yuan.


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Xinzhiwei, a service provider of digital and intelligent basic platform in the commercial concrete industry, has recently completed an angel round of financing of tens of millions of yuan. The investors are Baidu Ventures and Liumai Capital. This round of financing is used for business market development and product development. "Xinzhiwei", started in mid-2018, comprehensively manage the entire concrete production and transportation process, mainly through the research and development of the intelligent commercial concrete Internet of Things system SaaS platform.

It is understood that the current commercial concrete industry market is huge, with an annual output value of 1.5 trillion yuan and a gross profit margin of about 30%. However, there are two major problems in the industry. One is that most companies have primitive operating methods, which mainly rely on human experience to make decisions, making each link extensive; the other is that commercial concrete, as a fluid material, has a short life cycle and high requirements for the company's operational capabilities. Meanwhile, it can only operate within a certain service radius, making it difficult to form a nationwide large-scale industry ecology.

CEO Shou Yucheng explained that the main reason is that the "real-time order production" model of the commercial concrete industry has contradicted the demand for highly real-time and accurate decision-making with the backward operating status. The industry needs to introduce an industrial Internet platform to meet the high requirements of the factory to manage and control precisely.

Xinzhiwei starts from the design of the full life cycle of commercial concrete products, including the stages of raw material production, warehousing, scheduling and transportation, and also considers the needs of site construction and equipment maintenance. Collaborative smart factory solutions are used to promote scheduling control, grading optimization, transportation adjustment, billing transactions, and government supervision in the commercial concrete industry, and are committed to creating an industrialized ecology.

CEO Shou Yucheng continued to share that "Xinzhiwei" is mainly involved in three aspects. The first is real-time factory scheduling; the second is intelligent formula design; and the third is the comprehensive quality control. First of all, intelligent real-time scheduling is the core of target customers' daily operations and is affected by more than a dozen factors, which is reflected in various links such as material production, transportation road conditions, and construction sites. After processing by the dispatching system, the utilization rate of equipment and vehicles can be improved to reduce the operating costs. Secondly, the composition of the formula is directly linked to the cost. Machine vision is used to identify the characteristics of these raw materials, such as the particle size and roundness of the stones, and adjust the amount of materials as needed, which is helpfui to solve the problem of inaccurate and unstable formulas, improving aggregates density, reducing the amount of cement, and increasing the strength guarantee rate. Finally, enterprises in the service provider concrete industry deepen application scenarios, and gradually promote intelligent pre-scheduling, unmanned weighing services, warehouse silo control, predictive maintenance, real-time analysis and statistics and other functions to meet the requirements of factories to comprehensively improve quality management.

In the user aspect, "Xinzhiwei" mainly serves the scene construction of the mixing plant of a single enterprise, the commercial concrete product processing plant of a large group, and the smart factory of the construction unit. At present, the basic product has been developed and verified by customers, serving more than 20 customers, and will soon be promoted on a large scale. CEO Shou Yucheng said that the production model of the commercial concrete industry is very homogeneous and highly standardized. At the same time, there are few hidden dangers of data security in the production process of commercial concrete products, which are easy to promote.

The income sources of "Xinzhiwei" include the one-time software implementation fee and the annual subscription service fee. With the deepening of the business, the future will also include logistics, cash order transactions, financial services, data services and other income.

On the whole, there are fewer direct competitors for "Xinzhiwei" due to the relatively weak training of professional talents in the commercial concrete industry, coupled with the fact that outsiders' attention to this industry is far from enough. CEO Shou Yucheng stated that service providers with the same attributes, such as Huluyun, Pingbu Shangconcun and other platforms, are still based on traditional ERP functions at their core. While "Xinzhiwei" focuses on real-time intelligent interaction with the outside environment, and automatically makes reasonable decisions according to the information.

The company team currently has about 30 staff, including a business sales team and a product development team. Wu Min, the sales supervisor, has extensive marketing and management experience with rich familiarity and understanding of the commercial concrete industry. Zheng Xiangchang, the technical director, has long been engaged in planning, design, research, development, consulting and service in the fields of manufacturing informatization with many years of practical experience in software development and product maturity management of independent brands. As the founder and CEO, Shou Yucheng, Ph.D. in Computer Application, Zhejiang University, is in charge of the National "863" Project "Engineering Database Management System", who is the former President of Siemens Industrial Software Greater China, PTC Global Vice President and President of China, understanding and mastering the advanced strategies and technologies of this industry in the Internet field with rich experience in corporate management and operations.

BV Baidu Ventures expressed: "The market size of the commercial concrete (commercial concrete) industry has been trillions, and it has the conditions to upgrade from equipment automation to an integrated smart factory. With rich experience in industrial software and hardware. Dr. Shou founded Xinzhiwei Technology to address the urgent problems of the industry. He has not only found many opportunities for technological innovation in this traditional industry, but also now launched a commercial concrete smart factory solution with comprehensive coordination between upstream and downstream. BV believes that emerging technologies will be the driving force for the advancement of this world, and it is a pleasant to be with the Xinwei team for a long time.

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